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Managed XR&D Services

RazorEdge Managed
XR&D Services

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Formulating, executing and managing an effective and value-added XR program requires deep, broad knowledge in a complex channel that is fluid and continuously changing. The resources at RazorEdge are passionate about the current XR landscape and where it is heading. The Managed XR Research and Development Program is an annualized, subscription-based service that delivers strategic planning, program management, innovative research and continuous enhancement capabilities to your company at a level that best fits the maturity of your XR Channel.

Explorer Starter Accelerator Innovator
$2500 /month
Your organization has knowledge or ideas of basic use cases but does not have any formal initiatives and is unsure as to whether or not there is ROI. Seeks assistance developing a business case because of lacking technical or process know-how
$5K /month
Your organization has bought into the value proposition and has a business case but may not yet possess the required technical capability in-house to deliver even a working POC
$10K /month
Your organization has XR experiences out in the field but is still of a "one-of" nature and not built as part of a comprehensive XR program. The internal team lacks adaptability and is not agile.
$25K /month
Your organization has sense of an XR program or roadmap but does not currently have bandwidth internally for non-mission critical research and development. Additionally, organization does not do proactive monitoring or experience metrics, has no way to determine the quality of their XR experiences out in the field
Education and Training
Education and Training
Program Management
Program Management 4 hours 10 hours 25 hours 60 hours
Hardware/Software Access
Hardware/Software Access
  XR Experience Development
XR Experience Development Upgrade Required 20 hours 60 hours 120 hours
  Strategic business review sesions
Business Reviews Quarterly Quarterly Monthly Monthly

What is XR?

XR (Extended Reality) is a blanket term that encompasses immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences delivered via head mounted displays, smart glasses, mobile devices and other wearables. RazorEdge believes that all experiences must be additive to our physical realitywhich is why we focus on the extension rather than replacement of our natural world.

Why do I need a Managed Program?

Most corporate marketing, sales, operations and IT professionals are too focused on daily operations to keep pace with the continuous and rapid evolution of XR related software and hardware. Adding an additional layer of complexity is the maturation of enabling technologies including but not limited to blockchain, 5G networking, AI/machine learning, big data analytics and cloud rendering. Continuing education seminars and tech conferences barely scratch the surface. Analyst rms publish little more than high level industry summaries written by researchers who rarely possess seasoned "in the eld" experience and whose coverage is limited to solutions provided by their paid clients.

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Education and Training

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3-4 hour seminars and hands on instruction and demonstration by industry leaders in AEC, Healthcare, Engineering, Automotive and more typically hosted at the AGORA

Webinars and Online Training

As an original member of the Cleveland Chapter of the Global VR/AR Association, RazorEdge has strong industry ties to though leaders, ground breaking engineers and seasoned industry analysts who provide a wide range of webinar and both online and on premise training and education solutions.

HANDS ON demonstrations

Participants receive hands on demonstration of various business solutions targeted to customers, vendors and employees through the XR Channel in our downtown Cleveland XR Lab


Program Management

Enthusiastic people. Clever qualified young programmers attentively looking at the futuristic device and feeling impressed by the great results of their common work

Project Resource and Equipment Costing

Human resource, equipment and software licensing cost estimation and budget development

Business Analysis And Discovery

Cross departmental interviews with employees, vendors and customers involving workflow, technology and competitive analysis for new and existing XR Channel based solutions

Solution Ideation

Conduct ideation sessions for XR Channel Based Solutions

Project Management

Project oversight and management of XR Creative Pipeline including all product backlog items and bugs

Strategic Roadmap Development

Strategic planning of feature development and backlog prioritization from an omni-channel perspective


XR Device Access


XR Experience Development


3D Mesh Acquisition and  Creation

Retopology and UV Unwrapping

3D Texturing and Materials Editing


Photogrammetry, Volumetric AND MIXED REALITY Capture