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Managed Digital Innovation Program

RazorEdge Managed
Digital Innovation Program

Your Chief Digital Officer Partner

Taking your organization through a digital transformation process can be extremely challenging. RazorEdge specializes in providing creative, innovative and transformative solutions that will meet the demands of your workers and customers alike. The Managed Digital Innovation Program is an annualized, subscription-based service that delivers strategic planning, program management, innovative research and continuous enhancement capabilities to your organization at a level that best fit your needs.

Why do I need a Managed Program?

There are many situations where individual, isolated, “one-of” projects are needed by an organization, and we will still fulfill those traditional models if that is what is desired. We created the concept of a Managed Program service based on our success over the past decade.

  • Partner vs Vendor: We want to be a partner to your organization. We are passionate about the work we do, and to do that best we want to feel a part of your team so we can enjoy the successes together.

  • Reduce SOWs: Managing multiple statements-of-work (SOWs) is a time consuming process for both sides and inevitably results in reduced efficiency and lost cycles. The Program helps remove the lag time between SOWs and allows work to continue during the troughs, resulting in increased velocity and output.

  • Measurement: An integral part of the Program is the montly/quarterly business review sessions, which provide concrete metrics from previous period and ensure proper alignment for the next period.

Explorer Starter Accelerator Innovator
$2500 /month
$5K /month
$10K /month
$25K /month
Education and Training
Education and Training
Program Management
Program Management 4 hours 10 hours 25 hours 60 hours
Hardware/Software Access
Hardware/Software Access
  XR Experience Development
XR Experience Development Upgrade Required 20 hours 60 hours 120 hours
  Strategic business review sesions
Business Reviews Quarterly Quarterly Monthly Monthly

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