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Beyond Digital Transformation

Strategic Digital Transformation
and Beyond

Digital Evolution

Digital transformation is not a one-time, large scale project that a corporation should pass through, but should instead be a continuous evolution that is constantly optimizing processes and adapting to new channels. RazorEdge has the experience and knowledge to guide our partners towards a successful, value-added digital evolution process that is measurable.


Enabling technology:

Enabling channels:

Let RazorEdge be your CDO / chief digital partner


Value Delivered.

For Finance Concerns:

  • Capital expense reduction via cloud enablement

  • Customer self service for procurement budget analysis, management and forecasting

For Marketing Concerns:

  • Enable personalized content targeting based on a range of social and business analytics (including so called "Big Data") personalization and targeting

  • Content Management and Approval Workflow

For Sales Concerns:

  • Increase quote to order conversion volumes

  • Increase average order volumes

  • Enable direct to customer sales channel

  • Increase organic sales volume in key accounts

For Technology Concerns:

  • Decrease IT support and maintenance costs

  • Decrease time to market for new commerce features and capabilities



Strategic application consulting and assessments

Custom application development


Application management services

Automated regression testing and deployment