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Extended Reality


Professional Services for Extended Reality

Our Expertise

RazorEdge has been delivering strategic consulting and solutions to our clients in the B2B enterprise space for over ten years. Our investment in Extended Reality follows from our belief that XR is another communication medium available to reach your customers and employees. Extended Reality solutions provide new and exciting ways to immerse users in experiences never before possible.

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How We Can Help

Pilot Ideation and Concepting

Our creative process blends 20 years of enterprise software design experience with seasoned game design, 3D modeling, animation and sound engineering. We leverage best in class visual prototyping and concepting tools.

VR/AR Asset + Application Development

Our XR Designers and Developers create 3D environments, models, characters, avatars, simulations that can be deployed to a wide range of mobile phones, tablets, smartglasses and head mounted displays. We develop for all major XR platforms. Our XR and 3D technology platforms and stacks include:

  • Design and 3D Assets: Adobe, Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Microsoft Maquette
  • Engineering Suites: Autodesk CAD/REVIT
  • Game Engines: Unity3D, Unreal Engine
  • WebXR Platforms: Amazon Sumerian
  • Mobile AR Platforms: ARKit (Apple), ARCore (Google), PTC Vuforia, Lens Studio (Snap)

QA and End User Acceptance Testing

RazorEdge works with our Client Partners to implement formal Quality Assurance and End User Acceptance processes. Issue tracking and remediation all run through Microsoft Azure Dev Ops.

Enterprise Dev Ops and Experience Deployment

RazorEdge will work with corporate IT security teams and integrate with existing software release management processes and toolsets to ensure smooth on boarding of newer devices and software stacks into existing network topology and security standards.

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