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Education > Enslavement

Are you a .NET technologist who has been victimized by medieval performance reviews that seek to "level" or "band" you? Is your entrepreneurial spirit being crushed by an overbearing "up or out" culture that has sworn allegiance to the billable hour and whose main focus is "hitting the go live date"?

RazorEdge wants to break the bonds of indentured servitude that prevent you from achieving a true Life | work balance.We offer you a unique experience where you can learn from and work withnot for a team with over 30 years of hardcore .NET based ecommerce strategy, systems integration and development experience. We need knowledge hungry innovators and visionaries to help us build the firm of the future where true thought leaders are valued more than sales people and where entrepreneurship is never ignored and only encouraged.

Edge Events

UoU > IoT. We live and work in the real world that extends far beyond an "Internet of Things". You owe yourself a place to work that values your multidimensional nature as a human being and promotes your passion for music, culinary and fine arts, philanthropy, athletics, world travel, theater, academia and beyond. Edge Events are master classes, seminars and hands on demonstrations led by local, Cleveland Ohio based businesses and individuals that we partner with. 

A few examples: