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3D illustration of a wormhole or Einstein Rosen bridge is a hypothetical topological feature that would be a shortcut connecting two separate points in spacetime.





At RazorEdge we value lasting partnership over predatory contracts. Our work and our processes are 100% transparent. We have a track record dating back 11 years and we are 100% referenceable. In the ever-evolving transformation economy, our seasoned tech strategists, designers and software architects/developers work alongside our clients to optimize efficiencies in order to generate revenue and capture the lost profit that builds stronger businesses. Our expertise bridges the gap between future technologies and real-world operations with strategies that align human resources with smarter processes.

We are firm believers in the awesome power of the XR (Extended Reality) Channel. Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences are rapidly transforming the world at work, home and play. The conversation has moved beyond print, TV, web and mobile. Let us be your guide to Extended Reality.

We Believe in Cleveland, Ohio

Headquarters in the Historic Agora Theatre


RazorEdge partnered up with Midtown Cleveland to relocate our office to heart of the health tech corridor at the Agora Complex home to the famous 100+ year old Agora Theatre.

Hiring from local Northeast Ohio Schools and Technical Programs

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Our focus is on helping to build a pipeline for forward thinking university GAME DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, SOFTWARE AND ENGINEERING PROGRAMS

CLEVR Community and the VR/AR Association


Through our sponsorship of CLEVR COMMUNITY and as a member of the Cleveland Chapter of the VR/AR Association we provide EXTENDED REALITY opportunities for local students AND COMMUNITY LEADERS

OUR Leadership Team

Reynaldo Zabala

Managing Partner & Founder

Reynaldo is a passionate technology strategist and software engineer with a focus on Extended Reality (XR) channel strategy and solution engineering. He started his career with Accenture back in 2000 building large scale B2B ecommerce platforms for Global 1000 clients. He launched RazorEdge in 2007 to deliver tech strategy and solutions for enterprise and mid-market clients alike. He has delivered consistent and measurable ROI as a technology executive, chief software architect and consultant for companies ranging from startups to global multinationals with over $32B in top line growth. Reynaldo has advised some of the largest and most successful IT Organizations in the world on corporate ecommerce strategy and how to plan, design, build and maximize investments in virtual and augmented reality based experiences.

Community & Association Development

Reynaldo has been working for the past few years to teach consumers and businesses alike that Virtual/Augmented Reality represent a channel not a technology and both public and private sector organizations must be prepared to invest in them as such.  Reynaldo co-founded the Cleveland based non profit CLEVR Community whose mission is to improve Cleveland’s socioeconomic health through advocacy, education, R&D, incubation and promotion for people and companies focused on developing high demand virtual/augmented reality based product, content, experiences and services.

Reynaldo also serves as President of the Cleveland Chapter of the Global VR/AR Association, the world’s largest dues based membership association that reaches 24,000 professionals and 4100 registered companies spread across 50 worldwide chapters. The VRARA’s mission is to accelerate growth, knowledge and connections for VR/AR professionals worldwide.


Bachelor of Science., Management Information Systems, 2000




Michael Kliegl

Chief technology Officer

Michael is a veteran enterprise solution architect and developer with over 19 years of enterprise technology consulting experience. On the operations side of the fence, Michael is also the former CIO of a $300M+ technology distributor. His industry expertise includes technology distribution, healthcare, insurance, communications and retail.  Michael excels at delivering rapid solutions to complex technology problems.


Golden, J.; Kliegl, M.; and O’Brien, K. (1998) Basecalling Algorithms for Ultra-High Throughput Sequencing Devices. Poster Session, The Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology. Montreal, Quebec.


Bachelor of Science., Computer Engineering, 1999


Ocean Young

Extended Reality Designer

Ocean is a graduate from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a Bachelor’s in Game Design. He is creatively driven, striving to work with all mediums in order to be artistically fulfilled in as many ways as possible. Ocean is the core of the creative universe at RazorEdge where he delivers 3D modelling, concept art, illustration, level design, VR/AR development, and scene development in both Unity and Unreal Engine. He designs and develops a range of XR based experiences for our client partners deployed to phones, tablets, HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Focus, Microsoft HoloLens and other XR HMD’s, smartglasses and wearables.

Ocean’s love and passion for video games matches his enthusiasm for creating. He strives to make experiences and games that are impactful to other people so they can feel similar passion and excitement. He takes pride in working and leading teams through goal oriented, and creatively open minded projects through the use of technology, art, and storytelling.


Ocean was awarded the Excellence in Game Design Scholarship from the Cleveland Institute of Art


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Game Design, 2018