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We value lasting partnership above all

Value Focused StrategISTS With Deep Domain Knowledge.

At RazorEdge we value lasting partnership over predatory contracts. In the ever-evolving transformation economy, our seasoned tech strategists, designers and software architects/developers work alongside our clients to optimize efficiencies in order to generate revenue and capture the lost profit that builds stronger businesses. Our expertise bridges the gap between future technologies and real-world operations with strategies that align human resources with smarter processes.

We are firm believers in the awesome power of the XR Channel. Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences are rapidly transforming the world at work, home and play. The conversation has moved beyond print, TV, web and mobile. Let us be your guide to Extended Reality.

Boutique Firm > Big Bench Body Shop

  • We consistently deliver systems faster and with fewer bugs

  • Over the last 8 months RazorEdge has hit 100% of its software uptime and defect resolution targets for all hosted or managed platforms

Our Clients Average $10B in Annual Revenue

Trusted Partners, not Parasites

  • RazorEdge was founded in the spirit of partnership.

  • We focus on building trust based relationships, not in designing predatory support contracts that divert your resources away from value creation.

  • We are passionate technologists and critical thinkers who have never been interested in building "just another IT services firm". 

37+ Years of Tech Strategy & .NET Architecture/Development Experience



We Believe in Cleveland, Ohio


RazorEdge partnered up with Midtown Cleveland to relocate our office to heart of the health tech corridor at the Agora Complex home to the famous 100+ year old Agora Theatre.

Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images

Our focus is on helping to build a pipeline for forward thinking university software development and game design/development programs from the Cleveland Institute of Art, Tri-C College as well as select technical programs such as Software Guild, Tech Elevator and We Can Code It.


Leadership Team


Managing Partner & Founder

Reynaldo Zabala

Reynaldo is a passionate tech strategist and enterprise software developer who began his career in Fortune 500 consulting with Accenture. He possesses a rare ability to blend process and technology re-engineering to craft adaptive systems that exploit market opportunities and drive cost efficiency. For over 18 years, he has excelled as a technology executive, chief software architect and enterprise technology consultant for companies ranging in size from startups to global multinationals with over $32B in top line growth. Reynaldo is a huge advocate for restoring Cleveland Ohio's once proud economy and he believes that virtual/augmented reality, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and blockchain technologies will pave the road forward into the Experience Age.


B.S., Management Information Systems, 2000


Community & Association Development

Co-founder of CLEVR, Cleveland's Virtual & Augmented Reality Community that advocates for the ethical adoption and deployment of VR/AR to drive quantifiable socioeconomic growth.

Reynaldo is the founder and President of the Cleveland Chapter of The VRARA (Virtual & Augmented Reality Association, a global org with over 3900 companies and 17,000 worldwide members seeking to promote the advancement of AR/VR.




Michael Kliegl

Michael is a veteran enterprise solution architect and developer with over 19 years of enterprise technology consulting experience. On the operations side of the fence, Michael is also the former CIO of a $300M+ technology distributor. His industry expertise includes technology distribution, healthcare, insurance, communications and retail.  Michael excels at delivering rapid solutions to complex technology problems.


B.S., Computer Engineering, 2000


Golden, J.; Kliegl, M.; and O’Brien, K. (1998) Basecalling Algorithms for Ultra-High Throughput Sequencing Devices. Poster Session, The Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology. Montreal, Quebec.