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Reynaldo Zabala

Managing Partner & Founder / Miami Universty + St. Ignatius H.S. Alum

A passionate B2B tech strategist and software architect/developer with a 17+ year track record of crafting strategy and delivering value based, process driven solutions that require hands on software architecture/design/deployment for companies with revenues of $10B+.  Reynaldo has served as a technology executive, chief software architect and Fortune 1000 tech consultant. A firm believer that Augmented/Virtual Reality + Machine Learning will usher in an Age Of Experiences that will change how we live, play and work. He founded CLEVR, a community that advocates for the ethical adoption of these immersive technologies in Cleveland.


Michael Kliegl

CTO  /  Iowa State University Alum

Michael is a veteran enterprise solution architect and developer with over 15 years of enterprise technology consulting experience. On the operations side of the fence, Michael is also the former CIO of a $300M+ technology distributor. His industry expertise includes technology distribution, healthcare, insurance, communications and retail.  Michael excels at delivering rapid solutions to complex technology problems.



Golden, J.; Kliegl, M.; and O’Brien, K. (1998) Basecalling Algorithms for Ultra-High Throughput Sequencing Devices. Poster Session, The Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology. Montreal, Quebec.